About us

Founded in 2011, Artenet focuses its work in promoting art through the Internet today. It is an exhibition and sale of works of art by professional space, emerging contemporary artists beginners and students. A unique and different way to discover and purchase works of art of our time.

In Artenet we don't like empty walls. Our mission: Share and bring color to your life with original and engraved works of art! With a great love for details, we offer a platform for contemporary artists and photographers to sell their art without the need for complex marketing strategies that allow more time for the creative process. Therefore, we can ensure that there is something for every home in our wide range of images of works of art.

+ 10,000 artists
Our community of more than 10,000 artists is what we are most proud of. His works of art range from photography and painting to illustration and adapt to the individual taste of each client.

For more information please contact email info@artenet.es.

Artenet is managed by Optimizacija spletnih strani, Matjaž Žerak sp, Slovenia.

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